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WE ARE CLOSING DOWN – Everything is on sale UPTO 50% off!!!!


We are moving on from the business since our family seems to be getting busier and busier. Considering some important life priorities, we’ve decided to close down BABY ON THE BREAST. We loved running the business and really enjoyed meeting the needs of plenty of mommas but the time has come to move on 🙂 Thank you everyone for giving us business and/or just spreading the word for us!



I am a mother of 3 children (8 years old and 6 years old boys and a baby girl :).  My husband and I are believers and followers of attachment parenting. We believe and practice in extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, gentle discipline etc etc. When my first was born, it was a learning experience, he would cry and cry and all my body would tell me was put him on the breast or carry him. I carried him a lot initially without carriers and he grew big quickly…he was a 16 pounds at 3 months which got a tough on my arms and body…I decided to invest in a main-stream commercial carrier, which drained out my back and threw me into physio sessions and most importantly they didnt allow for a nursing position while my baby was in the carrier…and then….like a miracle… I ended up with a sling and soft-buckled carrier…..Yes..I became one of those mama’s who was always wearing a baby wearing item even if the baby is in it or not. It became my fashion accessory 🙂

Before my second was born, all I could think of was I needed a way to carry my baby at all times and at all different stages of the first year (I used a sling, wrap and a soft-structured carrier) and I needed to get my toddler out and about AND nurse my infant comfortably in public…so during my days of nesting, I gathered the material I needed to breastfeed comfortably and to carry my baby at all times…I also realised the lack of local resources for babywearing and breastfeeding and…at that point baby on the breast was conceived.

At Baby on the Breast we are strong believers of Babywearing and Breastfeeding. We believe in carrying the baby at all times and breastfeeding the baby exclusively for the first 6-months as its the most natural thing a mother can do and that’s why we’re a shop for the “Natural mama and Baby”. We would like to offer you the products we love…in most cases the products we offer we have used and loved ourselves. If there is a product that you fell in love with and you would like us to carry in
our inventory…Please do let us know!

So why the name ‘BABY ON THE BREAST’? …… Well .. majority of this website was developed by me while my baby was on the breast.