Breastfeeding Info

Our objective is to share the breastfeeding information I have gathered during my experience as a nursing mother. I am not a professional and cannot provide breastfeeding help/advice officially.

As a mother to be, I quickly learnt breast is best for my baby but with that information I also learnt that babies are born to breastfeed and the function of the two things I had on my chest was to feed my child. I was adamant to breastfeed my baby because it was the most natural form of food I could give my baby. When my first was born, he seemed so pure, so natural and I wanted to make sure he got the best, so since breast is best. I wanted him to live on breastmilk for the first little while.

There are plenty of reasons I can come up with of why I breastfed, but my top 10 reasons to breastfeed were:-

  • The most natural source of food/nutrition for my newborn
  • The convenience of having it on me all the time
  • Does not involve any preparation, no bottles, no washing up etc
  • It’s always the right temperature
  • It doesn’t take attention away from my baby when you’re busy preparing for the baby
  • It does more than satisfy hunger
  • It has anti-bodies and prevents my child from getting sick
  • The milk changes as my baby grows to satisfy my baby’s needs…and does not involve me doing anything!!
  • Breastfeeding helped me lose weight after pregnancy
  • Breastmilk is FREE
  • It helped me get more sleep in those early days


I did use a lactation consultant in my early days of breastfeeding and also attented meetings at my local La Leche League group. I am indebted to the knowledge and support of those who attend and run those meetings.

I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding or just wants to find other mothers who are also breastfeeding to reach out to your local LLL group. It’s a wonderful organisation and my local group was my rock, they gave me the confidence I needed to be a breastfeeding mother.

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